Conference 2018 programme

(pre-conference version 05.09.18)

Literary Exhibitions and Author Museums:
Pasts, Presents and Futures
Sogndal, Norway, 6-7 September 2018

Paper panels: max. 20 minutes per paper, 3 papers following each other with 30 minutes of discussion time at the end of each panel.

Thursday 6 September  2018

09:00–09:30 registration

09:30–09:45 opening

Fossbygget-F207 “Nærøyfjorden”.

Welcome by Department Head Grete Netteland (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences).

The organisers Thea Aarbakke, Ulrike Spring and Johan Schimanski introduce the conference.

09:45–10:45 plenary lecture: Nicola Watson (Open University), “Exit through the Gift Shop: or, Past, Present, and Future Encounters with the Writer’s House Museum”

Fossbygget-F207 “Nærøyfjorden”. Chair: Barbara Schaff

10:45–11:15 coffee

11:15–12:45 papers (sessions 1A and 1B)

Session 1A: Using the museum

Fossbygget Praksisrom “Straumen” (top floor). Chair: Marianne Egeland

Parmita Saha & Atanu Nath (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences): “Motivational Factors in Visitors’ Experiential Consumption: An Investigation of Two Author Museums in Norway”

Anna Benedek (Petőfi Literary Museum): “Spider’s Web Net or Virtual Reality? How to Lure Young Adults into a Memorial House?”

Lise Emilie Talleraas (Vestfoldmuseene IKS): “Munch’s House in Åsgårdstrand: Bird Foix and Museum as Action”

Session 1B: Houses and Gardens

Fossbygget-F220 “Nøkkerosa”. Chair: Torunn Selberg

Elin Haugdal (University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway): “The Architecture of Author Museums”

Eva-Maria Orosz (Wien Museum): “Franz Grillparzer’s Apartment in the Wien Museum”

Anna Svensson (Independent Scholar): “Tracing Time: Tools for Multiple Temporalities in Author Museum Gardens”

12:45–13:45 lunch

Høgskulebygget cantine (top floor).

13:45–15:00 Think Tank: A Workshop on How to Exhibit Literature.

Høgskulebygget 2ndfloor “Stad”.

Vanessa Zeissig (University of Fine Arts of Hamburg | Research Centre of Cultural Studies of Lübeck | Buddenbrookhaus Lübeck)

in co-operation with Alvhild Dvergsdal & Solveig Hirsch (Hamsunsenteret)

15:00–15:30 coffee

15:30–17:00 papers (sessions 2A and 2B)

Session 2A: National and Transnational Transformations

Høgskulebygget 1st floor “Ålfoten”. Chair: Atanu Nath

Dana Ryan Lande (University of Oslo): “Historical Authors, New Narratives: Two South African Author Museums”

Anastasia Felcher (Independent Scholar): “A Purely Soviet Experiment? The Alexander Pushkin Museum-house in Chisinau and the Invention of Moldovans”

Narve Fulsås (University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway): “Housing World Literature: Norwegian Ibsen Museums”

Session 2B: Books and Archives

Høgskulebygget 2ndfloor “Stad”. Chair: Barbara Schaff

Helena Bodin (Stockholm University): “The Gunnar Ekelöf Room in Sigtuna and the Task of the Widow”

Thea Aarbakke (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences| University of Oslo): “Unpacking the Book Collection: Following Books out of an Author Museum”

Karl Clemens Kübler (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin): “Benjamin und Brecht – Reframing Literary History by Exhibiting a Friendship”

18:45–19:30 reading by Elisabeth Beanca Halvorsen (author and translator): “Strindbergprotokollene”. En monolog fra Det blå tårnet.

Høgskulebygget library (biblioteket). Beanca will talk about her project in English and read from it in Norwegian. A written version will be made available.

19:30–22:00 reception (pre-registration necessary

Høgskulebygget cantine (top floor).

Friday 7 September 2018

09:00–10:15 plenary: Stefan Bohman (Stockholm University): “Difficult Museums”

Fossbygget-F207 „Nærøyfjorden”. Chair: Torunn Selberg

With comment by Marianne Olsen (Perspektivet Museum).

10:15–10:45 coffee

10:45–12:15papers (sessions 3A and 3B)

Session 3A: Difficult Authors, Difficult Museums

Fossbygget-F209 “Jettegryta”. Chair: Narve Fulsås

Anita Estensen (Aust-Agder museum og arkiv):“The Norwegian Writer Knut Hamsun in the Public Sphere”

Marianne Egeland (University of Oslo): “Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson and Aulestad: ‘inseparable’ and ‘inextricable’ or ‘chieftain’s seat’ and ‘nazi lair’”

Emily Mae Graf (Heidelberg University): “Exposing the Obscurity of the Chinese Literary Establishment: The Destabilizing Power of Author Museums”

Session 3B: Creating the Image of the Author

Fossbygget-F220 “Nøkkerosa”. Chair: Ove Oklevik

Arthur Tennøe (National Library of Norway): “Prosopopeia – the Image Making Author: The Function of Images in the Literary Field”

Anna Sidó & Emese Kaszap-Asztalos (Petőfi Literary Museum): “Self-Portrait in Masks – János Arany (1817-1882) Memorial Exhibition”

Ulrike Spring (University of Oslo | Western Norway University of Applied Sciences) & Johan Schimanski (University of Oslo | University of Eastern Finland): “Ghostly Voices in the Author Museum”

12:15–12:45 summing-up: “Pasts, Presents and Futures”

Fossbygget-F209 “Jettegryta”. Chair: Dana Ryan Lande

12:45–13:45 lunch

Høgskulebygget cantine (top floor).

13:45–18:00 field trip to Fjærland Book Village (pre-registration necessary)

13:45      meet outside Høgskulebygget (bottom entrance) – walk together to bus terminal

14:00      bus leaves bus terminal (Skysstasjonen)

14:45      Marianne Supphellen shows us around book village (incl. time to explore; the bookshops will be open until 16:00)

16:00      coffee and short talk by researcher and hotel owner Bård Huseby at Fjærland Fjordstova Hotell

17:30      bus leaves for Sogndal (arrives at Skysstasjonen, ca. 18:00)