Researchers and Collaborators

Core research group at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) and University of Oslo (UiO)

  • Dr. Eli Bjørhusdal, Associate Professor of Norwegian and leader of the Section of Norwegian language and literature at the Department of Teacher Education and Sports at HVL.
  • Dr. Marianne Egeland, Professor of Comparative Literature, Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies, UiO, and head of master programme in literary dissemination (‘litteraturformidling’) there.
  • Dr. Oddmund Løkensgard Hoel, Associate Professor of History at the Department of Social Science at HVL.
  • Dr. Atanu K. Nath, Associate Professor of Marketing at the Department of Social Science at HVL.
  • Dr. Ove Oklevik, Associate Professor of Marketing at the Department of Social Science at HVL.
  • Dr. Parmita Saha, Associate Professor of Marketing and Tourism at the Department of Social Science at HVL.
  • Dr. Johan Schimanski, Professor of Comparative Literature at UiO and adjunct Professor of Cultural Encounters, University of Eastern Finland.
  • Dr. Ulrike Spring, Professor of History at HVL (from 1 August 2017: Associate Professor of History at UiO and Professor II at HVL).
  • Doctoral fellow Thea Aarbakke, HVL/UiO.
  • Postdoc fellow Dr. Dana Ryan Lande, UiO.

External national and international partners

  • Dr. Bodil Børset, Seksjonsleder for Kreativ Næring i Kulturrådet / Assistant Professor, Universitetet i Nordland (until Summer 2018).
  • Dr. Alvhild Dvergsdal, Senior Curator NMS, Hamsunsenteret (from Summer 2018)
  • Dr. Narve Fulsås, Professor of History, Department of History and Religious Studies, UiT The Arctic University of Norway.
  • Dr. Werner Hanak-Lettner, Head Curator, Jewish Museum Vienna.
  • Dr. Harald Hendrix, Director of the Royal Dutch Institute in Rome and Professor (Chair) of Italian Studies at Utrecht University.
  • Dr. Barbara Schaff, Professor (Chair) of British Literature and Culture, Georg-August University Göttingen.
  • Dr. Torunn Selberg, Professor Emerita of Cultural History, University of Bergen.
  • Dr. Nicola Watson, Professor of English Literature, Department of English, Open University.

Collaborating researchers

Collaborating author

Collaborating institutions